Google Cloud Connect For M$ Office

Google recently announced the start of a new project which allows for cloud based collaboration with M$ Office documents, quite similar to M$’s Office Live.

This is good news for my students and I as we have been struggling with compatibility issues between the 2 formats for the past few years.

I originally started accepting homework via google docs 2 years ago for a few reasons:

  1. Less paper used
  2. Ease of readability over hand written work
  3. No papers to carry, collect or lose
  4. It was what ‘digital natives’ would want and were already comfortable with.

Well…..the truth was that 1-3 held, but 4 is somewhat of a washout. The supposed digital natives weren’t there. There were SOME who embraced the technology and completely understood it, but there large proportion of students need video instruction on how to use google apps to just upload a document.

Beyond that, when google changed the interface, nearly all of the students were no longer able to upload a document in an editable state. They did not realize that they needed to select a translation option, which is not selected by default. So, I made an additional video with instructions on how to handle the changes.

I’m hoping that this new project by Google will allow for a more seamless transition from Office to GoogleDocs!

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