Two Upcoming Projects

Looking forward to an exciting winter in digital pedagogy here! First, I am going to be bringing back a condensed version of my introductory SPSS labs, with a twist. In fact, this is the third twist on the same condensed lab section.

Initially, in person. Weekly labs meetings with extra material in every session so all 12 weeks of material could be completed in 4.  Everything went well and the student progressed onto the second level with no issues.

Then, 2 years ago, a student needed the same course, but was going to be in Argentina when I offered it. So, I vodcasted all of the lab sessions and taught it completely online. Everything went well and the student progressed onto the second level with no issues.

This year [actually january 2011], I have a student who again needs the condensed lab sessions and will be on campus, but [here’s the twist], he is having knee surgery over the holiday break.

Now, if you know anything about the weather in Northeast Ohio, January is not the time of year one wants to be navigating outdoors on crutches. And since we’re both local, it makes little sense to vodcast everything again, so I’m thinking broadcasting the lab instead.

The second project is similar to the first, with a slight difference. I also teach an advanced level SPSS lab and this spring I am going to approach it differently. Instead of having the students come to the lab and watch me go over the functionality, I am going to have them view vodcasts of the labs and use the lab time to work on their assignments / projects.

I think, like others, that utilizing the lab time for actual work while I am present is more beneficial than just watching me cover each function in turn. I’ll survey their experience at mid-term break and see if they want to continue in the new manner or go back to the traditional methods.

At the very least, I will have some data to go over!

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2 Responses to Two Upcoming Projects

  1. Arg, I wish I had time to learn SPSS from you, my friend.

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