Get to know the Kno

From Wire’s Gadget Lab:

Tablet startup Kno has created a single screen slate specifically for students in the hopes of making electronic textbooks a widespread reality on college campuses.

The tablet will have a 14.1-inch screen, making it the biggest slate to become available. It will have a touchscreen and a stylus to take notes on the device.

It’s also available in a dual screen configuration, which gives the user a little over 28 inches of screen to work with.

Also of note, and pointed out by friend Bryan Alexander,  with both a stylus and standard touch screen input, students have the best of both worlds; they can take legible notes and write on post-its as well as carry out typical interface operations. A “best of both worlds”, as he put it.

Beyond the hardware, the formatting of textbooks and application development is under the guide of students, parents, educators and developers. The focus of the entire product is digital/mobile pedagogy.

So, is this device the game changer, the new “must have” for all students? Maybe yes, maybe no, but the direction of development is a significant evolution in the field of mobile learning and mobile technology.

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2 Responses to Get to know the Kno

  1. This reminds me a bit of the two-button mouse. Not as simple as a single one, but ultimately better suited to the average user’s needs.

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