New pedagogy projects underway!

The  2 projects I previously blogged about have begun!

Here is the first lab for my research methods 2 class beginning in February, 2011:


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Top 6 mobile device apps for higher education

The Chronicle posted a list of 6 apps and their applications to improve teaching and learning in higher education. As I mentioned before, the best pedagogical use of these devices are consumption based; the student receiving and processing material, and 5 of the 6 reinforce that statement!

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Google Cloud Connect For M$ Office

Google recently announced the start of a new project which allows for cloud based collaboration with M$ Office documents, quite similar to M$’s Office Live.

This is good news for my students and I as we have been struggling with compatibility issues between the 2 formats for the past few years.

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The State Of Virtual Education

The Chronicle Of Higher Education has a special report on virtual learning titled “Virtual Learning Goes Mainstream” which [so far] covers topics such as cost, convenience, pedagogy and profitability [not in the sense that it has been covered here or on The Bava, however]. While there is plenty of information to consume and consider in all of the separate articles, the lead sums things up quite nicely:

Will the classroom of the future be a virtual one, a face-to-face one, or a hybrid of the two? Yes to all of those.

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Two Upcoming Projects

Looking forward to an exciting winter in digital pedagogy here! First, I am going to be bringing back a condensed version of my introductory SPSS labs, with a twist. In fact, this is the third twist on the same condensed lab section.

Initially, in person. Weekly labs meetings with extra material in every session so all 12 weeks of material could be completed in 4.  Everything went well and the student progressed onto the second level with no issues.

Then, 2 years ago, a student needed the same course, but was going to be in Argentina when I offered it. So, I vodcasted all of the lab Continue reading

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Corporatization of higher education – a BlackBoard or a WhiteWall?

So, BlackBoard has partnered with K12 to sell online courses for remediation in higher ed. That’s right…SELL online courses for remediation in HIGHER ED: Continue reading

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The Happy Meal Experiment As A Teaching Tool

An interesting post at Skepticblog addresses the validity of the “Burger Experiments” made popular on the internet over the past few years. In a nutshell….

…a McDonald’s hamburger and fries are left out for weeks or months. To the surprise of some, the food does not rot away to nothing but instead shrivels a little and becomes hard and shiny, but does not get moldy or rotten. The implication is that there is something wrong and unnatural about food that doesn’t rot when left out.

As the post points out, these types of content can function as useful fodder for teaching the basics of the scientific method. It would be interesting to design an exercise in which the students are instructed to watch / consume said content and then deconstruct them from a purely scientific point of view.

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